The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi [Part 5]

Okafor is Mrs. Oluchi’s step son, she is a young bride who inherited her elderly husband’s son. He is in a fix with a teacher that only his step mum can fix.


“That’s good,” He breathed as she stroked his dick in her soft hand. The teacher’s hands shifted back to her breasts, resuming his enthusiastic squeezing.

The old man gave a moan of pleasure as Oluchi sped up her stroking, her hand rapidly sliding up and down on his dick, starting to give him a handjob in earnest.

His hands shifted up from her breasts, reaching for the shoulder straps of her lacy bra.

“W-what are you doing?” She demanded, her hand pausing it’s stroking but not letting go of his thick dick.

“Do you want to get this over and done with before anyone stumbles in on us?” asked Mr Wale with a knowing sneer. “This’ll make it all go faster.”

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She nodded mutely and started to jerk him off once again.

The teacher gave a vulgar grin as he pushed the straps of her bra off her shoulders. He shifted his hands to the lacy cups and tugged them down, exposing her flawless bare breasts for the first time.

“Oh Lord!” He breathed in appreciation. Her breasts were absolutely perfect. The vast, round melons were smooth like the rest of her flawless skin. They barely sagged at all, despite their massive size, seeming to defy gravity, and they were topped with small nipples that jutted out, slightly erect in the cool air of the store.

“Such fine big breasts,” He moaned as his hands closed over the soft, warm spheres. The old teacher gave a groan as he squeezed her full breasts, his fingers sinking deep into the firm flesh and causing her to wince.

The curvy lady maintained her manual attentions of his stiff cock, her hand almost numb over the hard shaft as he fondled her bare breasts.

“So big,” He whispered as he squeezed her big breasts. His hips were rocking back and forth as he pushed his dick forward into her pumping fist.

He pinched and twisted her hard nipples, tweaking them between his thumb and fingers.

“Oh God!” He groaned as Oluchi’s hand furiously jerked him off. “I’m going to cum o.”

She appeared a little relieved at this and increased the pace of her frantic stroking, her other hand reaching up to toy with his hairy testicles.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he repeated, pinching on her nipples.

“You had better get your mouth down there quick or I’ll make a big mess.”

“What?” gasped Oluchi in surprise.

“You don’t want me to spray my cum all over your skirt, or all over the changing room do you?”

Her eyes showed her fright. She stopped moving her hand on the teacher’s dick.

He wasn’t to be denied. He pushed away her hand and grabbed hold of his own erection, pumping it in his fist.

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“Kneel down if you don’t want a mess.”

She didn’t have time to think of an alternative. The curvy lady dropped to her knees at Mr. Wale’s feet. Before she could blink the teacher thrust his hard dick into her mouth.

Her eyes went wide as his thick shaft stretched her lips wide and slid across her tongue and deep into her mouth.

“Oh God!” He gave a short grunt of pleasure at the feel of his dick in her warm mouth and then he immediately started cumming. His thick dick rolled on her tongue and thick ropes of his foul cum flooded her mouth.

Her face filled with alarm as she hurriedly swallowed down his spraying cum, almost gagging.

“Ahhh yes!” groaned the teacher in bliss. He grabbed the top of Oluchi’s head and held her face in against his groin, his cock still pumping his load down her throat.

The man’s hips twitched as he emptied himself into the mouth of the gorgeous lady at his feet.

She finally came off his dick coughing for air and Mr Wale leant back against the wall of the changing room, his spent dick dangling between them, the tip sticky with the last drops of his climax.

“You’re a fool,” she said angrily as she wiped her mouth with the back of one hand, an expression of great disgust on her face.

She got to her feet to get away from the sight of the old bastard’s flaccid dick and then stuffed her breasts back into the lace cups of her bra.

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“This is over for real this time!” she insisted as she hurriedly buttoned up her blouse.

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