Litecoin Segwit-ed | Upcoming Crypto & New Trading Tool Unveiled!

Hi guys,it’s time for those Crypto Raps… that moment when we speak in the crypto tongues to rescue those who are not rescued, sanctify those who have not yet been sanctified and baptize those who have not yet been baptized.

Free Bitcoins
Yup, just in case you don’t know, each day when we Rap under the annointing of cryptos, we give out free Bitcoins to the brethren;)… am talking about the new crypto investors among us.

It all happens within the first hour of upload or there about.

You are welcome ladies and gents to the RAP!
So, for tonight, i will love to start from Litecoin SegWit Activation!

As you may know because myself, i have been hearing about the segwit for a while but didn’t understand since then until most recently probably because it didn’t really pick my interest.

So, in few secs.. what’s SEGWIT? (THE RAP)

Basically, an upgrade on a cryptocurrency to make it better and faster and all of those good things that you will love to see in an improved crypto!

That’s what segwit is all about and in this case Segwit has been activated on Litecoin and we are all waiting to see whether or not it will drive the price of Litecoin up!

Litecoin Advice (on Segwit activation)

Note: whatever happens, you dare not sell your litecoin crypto. yeah, today, we discussed some Cryptos that you should not sell no matter what and you can check them out here: Untouchable Cryptos! Investment Advice Going Forward From May 2017

Next Big Investment in Crypto?

That said, let’s quickly jump to the next RAP! which is: the next big thing in the crypto world! what’s the next crypto that will be making it really big now?

Well,this is solely based on what guys have been saying and it’s Zclassic.
But that’s what they say!
Here’s what i think one should be buying now:

invest here.PNG-Litecoin Segwit-ed | Upcoming Crypto & New Trading Tool Unveiled!

those are the 3 cryptos i think you should be looking at

as for Zclassic, if you don’t have it, then just go get some.
as for the rest, you can monitor and move in as the spirit leadeth!

On to the last thing for tonight’s rap!

The Next Big tool for Cryptocurrency Traders or Investors(yes, specifically traders)

Just in case you don’t know yet, traders are those that capitalize on the up and down movemnts of cryptos to make quick/slow gains as the case may be.
Basically, the opposite of crypto traders are the invest and Hold guys because they put in their money but are not willing to sell when price goes up.

You can learn everything about crypto trading from my posts here:
All About Bitcoin | Altcoins Trading For Traders On Jackobian

furthermore, am not going to go in details here about the strategy/tool in trading that i speak of because it will need an indepth explanation especially for the newbies so i will take time this night and do it!

No fears, you can go to sleep knowing that when you awake, you will be able to see it here in the altocins section!

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