Dear Givers,
We trust the year is going on well.
Consequent upon the last broadcast, we are glad to let you know that the initiated clean-up process is already yielding massive results. More pledges are being honoured and the issues of fake pop drastically reducing.
We thank you for the efforts you made in relating with your team members and re-evaluating their level of interest in the community. We therefore write to reiterate that starting from 16th January 2017, any default in payment or upload of fake POP shall lead to total removal of culprit from the system while the sponsor forfeits all existing bonuses on his earnings at that point in time. To open an account in the bank, you need guarantors who will also be held responsible for your activities with the bank, so it’s time for us to get serious because many people’s hard earned monies are involved. Albeit we keep advising only spare monies should be donated, the truth remains not many people have anything called spare money in today’s Nigeria, we must therefore do everything to protect every participant on the platform.

A new button (TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT) has been added to user’s PO which helps any member who is no longer interested in the community to easily remove him/herself without much fuse or causing unnecessary pains to committed members. We plead with you to take this last step of communicating with all your direct downlines to reassess themselves and make use of this new facility as it will save you a lot of stress. Beg them if you need to, but should in case they refuse to terminate their accounts willingly and you can no longer trust their loyalty in your team, from Thursday 12th January 2017, the email account will be opened, send in their emails for outright removal. We also encourage all Downlines to please call their direct sponsors and let them know their positions in the community if they’re still willing to remain in such team.
It has been observed that some people are uploading fake POP because somebody else did same to them. Let it be known that two wrongs can never make a right, it’s absolute criminal to claim you made payment when you didn’t. If you’re in such situation and you actually uploaded fake tellers, you are advised to go and pay immediately before Wednesday 11th January 2017, if you are found out after then, your records get cleared from the system automatically like you have never been in Givers Forum before.



All the problems in Givers Forum are man-made. It’s human beings who make pledges and refuse to pay, it’s human beings who upload fake tellers when he has not paid, it’s human beings who sit somewhere and keep attacking the servers and databases day after day. Many of the wicked ones are doing everything possible to make their predictions of Givers Forum crashing soon come to pass but just as there are bad people, there are also great minds who can see beyond today and align with the larger picture. All issues shall be resolved if we are patient with the system but we must all join hands to get rid of the bad eggs amongst us first, it’s a task that must be achieved. Without doubts, the good ones will eventually have the last laugh.

Givers Forum is an abstract, it does not exist physically, the founders have done their own bits for humanity, it’s left to us to make it work and help more people attain their dreams in life. There’s no common purse from where workers can be paid, all support staff are volunteers some of whom are being supported by good spirited participants so we must bear with their shortcomings as they work tirelessly round the clock to solve the many problems we keep creating in the community. We hope the forthcoming retreat, also organised by ordinary participants in Abuja, will help in identifying more committed hands who will not compromise the system.

From next week, God willing, we’ll begin to enjoy the peace we had in the earlier days of Givers Forum when it was almost a taboo for anyone to fail in paying his pledge or even think of uploading fake POP. We will see those days again if we unite against wickedness.
Thank you for standing tall for Givers Forum in such a time as this.
Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.
God bless us all.

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