Join Register E-cooperative Nigeria, Turn N1000 To N40000 In a Week

Join Register E-cooperative NigeriaJoin Register E-cooperative Nigeria, Ecooperative Nigeria Can Turn N1000 To N40000 In a Week I believe you must have heard of Ultimate cycler which gives N50000 with N12500 which recently had issues but it has not crash but coming back stronger, E-cooperative Nigeria Is stronger bigger, better and more reliable.

Let me do a quick Intro ON E-Cooperative Online
Many would have tried out Ultimate Cycler but the N12500 starting price tag is scary because all fingers aren’t equal especially students. is here to even make you become rich with as low as N1000, For some its a chicken change while its quite a big deal for some, Even some would ignore this, since its N1000 but the return is big and you will get it fast on this platform, Try as much as possible to save N1000 and start with E-Cooperative Online…


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What is E-Cooperative Online?
E-Cooperative Online works just like Ultimate cycler, its a peer to peer donation community where you pay someone and people pay you directly, there is no central account here, money is paid directly to users by this same users.

So how does E-Cooperative Online Work
e-cooperative onlineSince its a 4×4 matrix system, it requires you to bring 4 people to start with..

Oooohhh! Morenaija I don’t like talking and evangelizing, can I still get paid without bringing people to the system?

Lol…. You suppose to dey praise your church evangelist if you be Christian because he or she dey try…

The Truth Is: You can still get paid and that is when you join an active team
What will happen when I join an active team? Do you know what is called “Spill over”

No I don’t… Tell me
Spill over happens when someone 4 down line is complete, the system automatically takes others registering with that same person that already has a complete down line to others who doesn’t have to make the team and the system grows Continuously. Which means as people keep joining E-Cooperative Online using my link, you don’t need to evangelize.

You can still register people under you to make our team a very active one but if you don’t have who to register, you don’t need to worry as you will still be paid…


E-cooperative Stage 1
There are four (4) levels under this stage…

Level 1

  • You will upgrade to level 1 by paying (N1,000) to an upline
  • 4 people will pay to you ==> Making

Level 2

  • You will upgrade to level 2 by paying N2,500 to an upline
  • 16 people will pay you ==> N40,000

Level 3

  • You will upgrade to level 3 by paying N5,000 to an upline
  • 64 people will pay you ===> N320,000

Level 4

  • You will upgrade to level 4 by paying
    N10,000 to an upline
  • 256 people will pay you ===> N2,560,000 this is wow….

Its not over there o…

Really its not over? There is stage 2 now nor rush … hahaha

E-cooperative Stage 2

There are four Levels here but its a continuation of Stage 1

Level 5

  • You will upgrade to level 5 by paying (N25,000) to an upline and
  • 4 people will pay you N100,000

Level 6

  • You will upgrade to level 6 by paying N50,000 to an upline and
  • 16 people will pay you N800,000

Level 7

  • You will upgrade to level 7 by paying N90000 to an upline and
  • 64 people will pay you N5,760,000

Level 8

  • You will upgrade to level 8 by paying N175,000 to an upline and
  • 256 people will pay you N44,800,000

Stage 1 Profit

  • Level 1 ==> N1,500 after upgrading to level 2
  • Level 2 ==> N35,000 after upgrading to level 3
  • Level 3 ==> N310,000 after upgrading to level 4
  • Level 4 ==> N2,560,000 For stage 1, your total earning is N1,500 + N35,000 + N310,000 + N2,560,000 ===> N2,906,500


Stage 2 Profit

Here you will start with N25000

  • Level 5 ==> N50,000 after upgrading to level 6
  • Level 6 ==> N710,000 after upgrading to level 7
  • Level 7 ==> N5,585,000 after upgrading to level 8
  • Level 8 ==> N44,800,000

Sum of your profit in Stage 2 is N50,000 + N710,000 + N5,585,000 + N44,800,000 ==> N51,145,000

Fifty one million, one hundred and forty five thousand Naira

Wow… This is mind blowing… E-Cooperative Online is really awesome…

Wait!!! – Apply your brakes don’t rush

You have to register using the referral link on this website to join Morenaija’s E-Cooperative Online Team to make things easier for you and for me to make money for this 2017

NOTE:- No need to bring downlines, our massive spill over will generate your downlines for you very fast

E-Cooperative Online Login
> On an internet enabled phone click this link to login to E-Cooperative Online back office
> Input your username and password Click login
> You will be asked to upgrade from Level 0 to Level 1 …

How to Upgrade on E-Cooperative Online
> After login, tap menu
> Click upgrade
> The person you are to pay details will be shown to you…
> Call or text him of the payment to be made
> After making payment, you have to submit payment by copying the transaction code if you have and paste it in the transaction box below the payment instruction

Click Submit
The person you pay to will be able to confirm your payment when you submit the payment form.

How to Add or Update Payment Details on E-Cooperative Online
Note :- Please add payment details or else
you won’t be matched to receive payment
> Login to your account on E-Cooperative Online,
> Click the menu and click profile
> Scroll down
> You will see the bank details box, edit and update it.
> You can see those that have been matched to pay you on the matrix page…
> Click the matrix link on the menu and you will be brought there…
That’s all…

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