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Pay Cycler Login and Register cycler is actually another very easy way to make money,this another community donating to each other,it is a helping hand community just like ultimate cycler greenspeer and giversforum.

Just like the others you are required to register and then pay for your cycler then the system will merge you with 4 persons who will pay you ₦12500 each. and the money will be paid directly into your bank account.

Register with pay cycler through the official paycycler website then wait for a day to be matched with the person you are to pay,Make your payment to the person the system has matched you to pay,after the payment relax and wait for the system to match you with four persons that will pay you ₦12500 each. All the payment is done via direct bank deposit.

The website of Pay Cycler is built on a high technology therefore Pay cycler is easy to login.After you might have have registered you will have to login to your account in other to see who you have been matched to pay and who also have been merge to pay you.

Unlike Ultimate cycler where you will be merge to pay people in your team here in Pay cycler the system randomly merges you with people will pay you the amount you paid to somebody.

To create your account, you need to visit the sign up page of the website via

Follow the instructions and fill the account opening form properly make sure you add the account number you wish to be paid with.
After filling the form correctly click on Sign Up at the end of the page and you account will successfully registered Now you will have to login and wait for 24 hours to be merged with someone you are to pay to.


You are free to login your pay cycler account anytime you wish to with either your phone or PC but there must be an internet connection you can do this using any browser just vist the login page which is

Check your pay cycler account after 24 hours see who you are to pay after that keep checking your account to see those that should pay you cos you are already in

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