Reliable Online Money Making Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria 2017

You want to know which of the mutual funding platform is real?

Look no further

As Cyberwaver compiles the list of reliable online money making ponzi schemes in Nigeria for 2017…

The question is which of the networking business is currently paying in Nigeria now…

Remember to use your spare money…

But the truth is, there is nothing like spare money… *LOL*

This is Nigeria, owo ni koko *Grin*

Read this conversation between two guys…

Basket: Patrick!, chai, MMM don carry my money go o

Patrick: Na lie jhor, u dey joke

Basket: see this mumu, u dey here they top with Champagne, soon na 333 u go dey drink

Patrick: Shuuu? Where you from hear am?

Basket: When e be say your own na to dey port go bar every night, na how u go take no.

Patrick: Tell me na

Basket: You nor know say MMM don freeze our mavros till next year January

Patrick: What!!!???, I don’t collect credit for mama put say I go pay am when I withdraw from MMM, which kind fuckup this one na…

Basket: MMM wan spoil person Christmas and New Year celebration o, Pat! Na wetin we go do with the remaining money

Patrick: Before Christmas and new year go come make we begin look for paying mutual aid and crowd funding platform at least to use do Christmas.

Basket: Na true you talk o, I nor know say u get sharp brain… Make we look for better ones..

Patrick: Na so…

Patrick and Basket have read this article I guess…

You are reading this article because you want to know the latest paying ponzi schemes…

Let’s get to the point..

One thing you should know is that ponzi schemes doesn’t last for long, and you should always use your spare money,

Use what you can afford to loose…

There are some that makes use of Naira option and others make use of Digital currency like Bitcoin

I have been hearing this bitcoin, bitcoin, but what is it all about because I don’t seem to understand the concept behind it…

Lol, don’t worry its not your fault, I have constructed an article with an image describing bitcoin as a whole –> Read it here (Open in a new tab)

Reliable Peer to Peer Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria (Naira Option)

I won’t be starting with MMM Nigeria because it is not paying again, it won’t make our list for now…

Get Help Worldwide (GHW)

Get help worldwide Nigeria registration login

This platform (GHW) was launched in August and I can say that the founders sat and examined MMM Nigeria and they corrected the flaws present and they designed a system that “might” last forever…

According to the website,

Get Help Worldwide rules are enforced to guide the users and make the system last for ever…

There are no Guiders here on this platform,

Guiders killed MMM Nigeria, a 10K guider will keep cashing out millions every month without doing anything…

Key details

  • 30% + 20% registration bonus on investment
  • Xmas Bonus
  • 10% referral bonus
  • Minimum PH is N1000
  • Maximum PH is N2Million
  • You have to Recommit after 3 days of GH or you will be blocked
  • No guiders
  • No managers
  • Nice and easy to use design
  • You are matched to pay 20-23 days
  • You are matched to GH instantly after 30 days
  • No admin fees, no need to refer people
  • Strong support system

Many more….

I have personally tested it and I can say its working, real, reliable and paying…

Click here to register | Click here to Read more


This is a new platform that is new and paying…

What is ExEarn and how does it work

Its a system where you don’t need to refer to earn…


Its a system where you only use N4000 to start and the good thing about this system is that you only use that same N4000 to upgrade and keep upgrading to Level 2, 3, 4, 5.

There are only 4 levels on this platform and you get a total of N248,000 and the thing is fast…

You can bring people right?

You get N1000 on everyone that registers using your referral link…

Does it mean I have to bring people?

No… Your effort is only compensated to make the system popular.

What are you waiting for?

Join the moving train,

You should be able to make mobile transfer to make the process more faster because you don’t need to upload any proof of payment…

Call the person and let him or her know of the transfer.

Click here to register

Givers Forum

Givers Forum

I believe you are not just hearing of Givers Forum for the first time…

Givers Forum is paying and I have seen testimonies that this platform is reliable and paying…

They are currently running Christmas bonanza which you can get 84% in 30 days…

It will go back to 40% after this campaign period..

This is huge right?

Yes it is…

Key Features

  • Minimum PH is N1000
  • Maximum PH is (unknown)
  • 10% referral bonus
  • Manager bonus (5%,4%,3%,2%)

Many more…

Click here to register (Use as referral link) | Click here to read more

Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate cycler plus

This is a multi-level marketing system or a matrix system that involves upgrading to different higher levels and increase in payments…

Its a pyramid scheme, that involves referring people to upgrade…

The cycling process now on Ultimate Cycler is quite Slow because the scheme is overcrowded, to earn quickly now you have to bring people into the system…

Its a platform where you use N12,500 to get N50,000 and it has worked for many and its still working…

Click here to register | Click here to read more


This platform is very easy to earn from…


Its a matrix system, the earlier you join the quicker you earn and your stress becomes less when you join an active team where you easily get spill overs without working..

The startup fee is cheaper than that of Ultimate Cycler… N2000

No admin fee

No upgrade fee

No central account, members pay directly to each other…

Megacycler is a community of donors who are committed to helping each other achieve their goals. With just N2,000 you can earn millions in 4 easy steps.

You join the community by paying N2,000 to your sponsor or referrer within 48 hours of your registration.

Read Also:-  Ultimate Cycler Team Nigeria – Register & Earn Big With the Fastest Team – Login

LEVEL 1 (GEM) –  The System will now allocate 4 members who will pay you N2000 each. To fasten this process you can refer 4 people as your downlines making a total of N8,000

LEVEL 2 (SILVER) – To upgrade to Silver, you now pay N5,000 (From your N8,000 earned) to your designated upline. You shall receive N5,000 from 16 members making a total of  N80,000

LEVEL 3 (GOLD) – To upgrade to Gold, you pay N20,000 (From your N80,000 earned) to your designated upline. You will now receive N20,000 from 64 members making a total of N1,280,000

LEVEL 4 (DIAMOND) – You upgrade to Diamond by paying N100,000 (From your N1,280,000 earned) to your designated upline. You will now receive N100, 000 from 256 members of the community making a total of  N25,600,000

Click here to register

Ecooperative Online Nigeria

E-Cooperative online

With N1000 you can easily make thousands in few days…

Really?… How?

Its a thing I experimented,

I registered an account and I got N15,500 not up to 24 hours…

Its easy, its a matrix system where there is always spill overs.

All you need to do is look for an active link and register with it, be quick to pay and get you payment confirmed…

You need four people to advance to second level where you don’t have to stress yourself again.

You can help your Downlines to earn faster to fill up your level 2 and 3….

Its easy to make 40000+ in a week with just N10000

Don’t dull, start now…

Click here to register | Click here to read more


This is a new platform that redesigned the old design of Ultimate Cycler to meet to the needs of Nigerians…

For now you don’t need to bring someone to earn, referring people only makes the process faster…

When you register, you have to pay N12,500 to an upline to get your account activated and move to level 1…

The system will match 4 people who will now pay you N50,000 each, the process is faster than that of Ultimate Cycler…

Its real and paying, make Xmas awesome with Revosqaud…

The name means, you have to join an active squad to make quick money…

Click here to register and join Our Active Squad | Click here to read more


twinkas review

This platform is awesome and better than any matrix platform I have ever seen…


This platform is designed for Nigerians…

You get double or 100% of what you invest into the system

And the amazing thing is you don’t have to refer to earn…

Its simple and easy to use…

You get your 100% on or before 21 days, which is quite fast…

Not only that, you also get 5% referral commission on all your referrals

There 4 packages on this platform..

  • Classic –> N5,000 to get N10000 from 2 people
  • Professional –> N10,000 to get N20,000 from 2 people
  • Premium –> N20,000 to get N40,000 from 2 people
  • Ultimate. –> N50,000 to get N100,000 from 2 people…

Right now TwinKas is running Christmas Campaign you get 300% on all packages…

Don’t miss it…

What are you waiting for?

Join TwinKas and start earning…

Click here to register | Click here to read more

NNN Nigeria

This is a platform that gives 35% in 21 days…

All you need to do here is Provide Help on the 10th or 11th day and wait for 21 days to collect your money + 35% increase…

Don’t say it, there is registration bonus and its based on the amount you Pledge to provide as help….

What are you waiting for? Its just 21 days…

Click here to register | Click here to read more



***Donation Hub is having issues for now,you might not be able to donate now… Let’s see what happens, for now you can read others

If you are on WhatsApp and Telegram you would have come across those money doubler WhatsApp or Telegram group chat…

I won’t recommend those kind of scheme to anyone…

DonationHub is an advance form of those groups…

The platform provides a list of those waiting to receive donation… You are to select one and pay the person will confirm you, then after 3 – 5 days you will eligible to receive donation too…


  • Instant Donation – 20% + principal (2-7 days)
  • Scheduled Donation – 50% + principal (2-30 days)

There are 2 types of donation…

Instant and Scheduled Donation

The cool thing is, it supports our Local Currency Naira and you can use bitcoin too…

Click here to register | Click Here to Read more

iCharity Club

This is a donation platform…

Capital is N6000

Pay N6,000 to an upline and get N6,000 from 5 people…

Upgrade to level 12,000 and earn 12,000 from 25 people,

Its very easy to earn on iCharity Club…


Joining an active team matters a lot…

You can join our team where you get free spill overs

Click here to register | Click here to read more


Its like iCharity but here you use N7,400 to start..

You register and pay N7,4000 to an upline and get N7,400 each from 5 people…

Yes, its quite easy…

The key thing is joining an active team and also working together as a team to achieve success…

Click here to register | Click here to read more


The following platforms below are untested yet but you can try them out and tell us your experience using the comment box


A platform that gives 50% in 28 days and $30 registration bonus…

Click here to register

Mutual Grant

A new platform that promises 40% in a month just like Givers Forum

But you get 100% as a first time user…

My guys will create multiple account here o, the admins should look into this o…

Click here to register

Invest Cash Out (ICO)

This is a new platform that has potentials of making it to the top…

Really?… Have you tried it?

Yes but I’m still on it

I love trying out new things and I hope this will work…

What makes InvestCashout (ICO) Special?

  • You Get 50% bonus on your investment in 30 days
  • You get 20% registration or welcome bonus
  • You get 15% referral bonus on all your direct referrals

You get 5% recursive bonus which means you keep getting 5% bonus on all deposit by your referrals…

Is there Manager Bonus?

Read Also:-  TwinKas – Get 200% On or Before 21 Days Naira HOT (Registration & Login)

No for now… The manager or guider bonus is not too good for a system like this..

You can join me let’s try this out together and be among the early birds..

The website design is appealing and very simple to use…

Click here to register


Now, let’s come to Bitcoin…

Bitcoin lovers in the house let’s read…

Recently we discovered that MMM United is having issues in matching people to Get Help…

We hope they are fixing this but it won’t be on top if the list…

MMM Express

MMM express review

A new platform that promises 150% in 15 days…

You get 15% referral bonus forever if you register this year (December 2016)

Normal referral bonus % is %10

You can become a guider with 1000 direct referrals

Manager bonus is level by level (5%, 4%, 3%, 2%)

Profile picture of member you are paying to…

To ensure there is always money in the system to pay referrals, guiders, GH and maintain the website, you have to pay 20% of your PH immediately and the link of the 80% will come in 7 to 8 days time…

Recommitment is enabled in this platform in such a way that…

You can only Get Help (GH) when you have Provided another Help (PH)


Let’s say you have $100 to invest…

You have to split it into 2

PH the first $50, after completing the 80% payment on the 8th day, PH the remaining $50 and pay the 20%,

With this you can be cashing out every week and money still remains in the system…

Hurry now…

Bitcoin rate is increasing, its not going down at all… $1000 target before the end of this year will be reached…

Click here to register | Click here to read more

Digital Portal Club

Digital Portal Club Review

This is the best for now, I don’t know which one to choose between MMM Express and this one…

I have tried it guys, the system is a Wow…

Its not a MLM Scheme..

Its a mutual aid scheme where you provide help and get help…

The thing is you get 100% after 8 days….

Hmmmm… Its not like others and its not a HYIP…

  • Minimum PH is $10
  • Maximum PH is $100
  • Minimum GH is $10
  • Maximum GH is $200
  • You must Re-PH before GH

These rules are put in place to ensure the system last long…

The maximum Provide help is small —> $100

Yes I like it, that is what is killing MMM United now, a rich dude will come and invest $10,000 when he wants to GH the whole community will contribute to him..

The system will shake for sure, DPC is designed to last for long…

When you PH $100 , 2 people will be matched to pay you $100 each making $200..

But before you GH you have to recommit…

Does it make sense? Yes it does…


The one you invest also grows…

If you are smart, you won’t wait after 8 days to recommit, the system will allow you to re-PH after 5 days of the first PH…

With this in place you can be making cool cash every 4 to 5 days…

Click here to register | Click here to read more


This platform gives 100% in 15 days in Bitcoin… its okay and its paying

5% referral bonus

manager bonus and others…

click here to register



Its also a MLM program that you can use to grow your bitcoins…

Right now the platform is growing…

No monthly subscription like that of Zarfund..

You can acquire up to 16 BTC easily, all you need to do is join an active team and try to bring people under you…

The problem Nigerians have is the confidence to convince people to become rich…

Yes to become rich…

Some are stuck in Ultimate Cycler because they fold their hands and wait for spill over, although spill over might come but it night not be enough…

Move out and get people under you…

Click here to register | Click here to read more


This is another MLM (Peer to peer) donation platform that doesn’t require referring people to the system..

Happy right?

I know you would be…

The system uses 1 link, you don’t need a referral link to register and you don’t need to start doing evangelism…

Whether you bring people or not you will still earn but the thing is the first set of people are the lucky ones…

The system is still new with up to 3000 registered members…

What are you waiting for, you only need 0.02 BTC to get started…

  • Automatic Payment Confirmation
  • Automatic Level Upgrade after payment confirmation
  • Easy to use GUI
  • No need for referrals

Click here to register…


This is a MLM platform that is growing fast…

All you need to kick start is 0.002btc ($2), you only need 3 people under you to upgrade to level 2…

I have tried it out and trust me I did not tell anyone about it and I got 3 downlines who paid to my wallet, I’m in level 2..

The system is new and very easy to understand…

Click here to register

Note that the page will be updated as I serve as the lab rat…

Lab Rat…

Yes, many people contact me to ask whether I have tried this one, that one…

So I am the lab rat…

Compensate me by clicking on my links and be serious with it…

Which one should I choose??

You can choose all, you never can tell which one can work for you…

Which one do you advice me to choose Cyberwaver…

Follow your heart, read the article like 2 to 3 times and digest it…

Carefully select the one(s) that is suitable for you…

You may not like what I like…

Some are good evangelist in terms of money, they can convince people immediately, while some can’t convince just one person…

Choose the one that suits your need and make money…

Don’t dull, make money…

Gat questions?, Contributions please use the comment box…

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  1. Okoro says

    Is mmm united still working

  2. Dorcas says just entered d 20k is moving fast now,come and join me,you will thank me later

  3. Emeka Ben says

    does digital portal club use only bitcoin? Can someone participate with Bank payment

  4. Anonymous says

    dorcas how sure can i be abt this reeleef

  5. Anonymous says

    Well good list but missing one and the best of all. I’m surprise multinaira is not on the list. All you need is just N1000 and you can get over N10 million help within a very short time because you only need to refer two people but you can also choose not to refer anybody because the system always spillover people.

  6. Emmanuel says

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  7. Bablo says

    Need to make millions of naira without any risk and within a short time? Invest just N1000 and make over N10 million naira on multinaira.

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  14. Onyinye says

    Dpodium is the best it has paid me within 24 hours. It was lunched on 1/3/2017, it is still fresh and paying check it out and you will be glad you did. It has paid me 4 times.

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  21. John says

    the first step toward success is willingness to listen and digest I we tell u that ponzi scheme is good if u can join the right one and before you can join the right one it require knowledge to study them don't be move by there system but study them well if u want to succeed knowledge is very important in all endeavors ponzi scheme pays if u can join the right one for more details on ponzi scheme call 08170275027

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  24. Ayodele B. says

    Are you in tune with the latest on Twinkas platform? Sure they're both crashing if they havenot even crashed already.

    What's your comments on Twinkas?

  25. Kevin says just launched and it is paying fast. I've already recieved my pay like two times now. It's a foreign based website sef that launched in Nigeira. Take part. and they look really legit too. Just giving my testimony.

  26. Musa Abdulazeez says

    Most of you are secretly paying the admin of other ponzi scheme without knowing.

    Why not get your own site and run it the way you like?

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  27. Onyinyechi Emmanuel says

    Ecooprative is a stupid network ever sinse I joined the have not paid me is more than a month now.

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    Bank Account

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    PH (Provide Help):

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    GH (Get Help) & Re-commitment:

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  33. Jay says

    As far as I ma concerned, the blazing one now is SIMPLENAIRA.COM

    They launched 2 days ago, its just 5k to get 10k, simple

  34. Aisha says

    CrystalPeer (150% within 1-15 Days)

    A mutual aid platform that promises 150% within 1-15 working days…

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    Today is 25 which ponze site pay till date pls

    don't tell us whats not

    1. Oke says

      I used The platform is still new so I think that's why it worked so quickly. I've recycled 3 times since I joined last week.

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  41. Juliet says is the best, i just got paid now within 24hrs of providing help.

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